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Tree Pruning

Crown Reduction
Reductions can be carried out to reduce the overall size of the tree. Pruning back to correct points using natural target pruning will result in a balanced aesthetically pleasing shape.
Note: Not all trees are suitable candidates for reductions and the practice of ‘topping’ should be avoided as this will produce wounds that will not heal properly causing rot and irregular re-growth. How ever we can advise on this. 

Crown Lifting
Is the removal of the lower branches to an agreed height in order to raise the canopy over paths, driveways or buildings to prevent damage, obstruction or light issues.

Crown Thinning
The aim of crown thinning is to reduce the crown density or congestion of tangled branches, without altering the overall shape or size of the tree. This operation achieves weight reduction of branches, reducing wind resistance preventing storm damage. Also it will allow more light to filter through the canopy giving more dappled shade.

Crown Tidying
The removal of dead wood, rubbing and crossing branches in the inner canopy considerably improves the appearance and health of the tree. Whilst carrying out this operation it is easier to identify any further issues that need attention, for example decay and diseased limbs.

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